Dooble Web Browser


All good things must come to an end. Ten years of Dooble. Please visit the next-generation Dooble.

This site is now delegated to the archives of history!

Dooble is a product produced from love and lots of labor. Please consider reading the latest release notes. Small donations do help. Please consider donating.


  • FreeBSD, Linux

    Dooble uses the popular Qt and WebKit frameworks. It also partially supports WebEngine.

  • Mac OS X

    Complete native support.

  • Windows

    Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows XP.

Where are you Doobling today?

  • Bookmarks

    Dooble's bookmark system is effectively simple.


  • Cookies

    An informative display simplifies cookie management.


  • Desktop

    Dooble includes a delicate desktop. The desktop may serve as a portal to the operating system.


  • Download Manager

    Dooble contains a friendly download manager. File digests are also included.


  • Exceptions

    The Web is a vast frontier.


  • File Manager

    An integrated file manager is an absolute necessity. Drag-and-drop support is included. Operations such as creating directories, deleting entries, and renaming entries are also included. Need to access a file with a specific application? Simply double-click on the file and Dooble shall either launch the assigned application or display an application-selection prompt.


  • FTP Browser

    Dooble includes an FTP browser. The browser displays both connection information and directory contents.


  • History

    A history interface is provided. Bookmarking, editing, and searching are just some of the functions included in the History panel.


  • Options

    Dooble includes advanced and basic options.


  • Web

    Legacy and new architectures. AMD, ARM, Alpha, Intel, PowerPC, Sparc.


Dooble Releases

  • Dooble 1.56e

    November 19, 2017

    A final good-bye.